George "Lonnie" McNew

George "Lonnie" McNew


George ‘Lonnie’ McNew began working at Towson State College in 1970, two years after his graduation from the college with a bachelors in biology.  

Prior to returning to TS, he briefly worked as a high school science teacher. At the urging of Mary Lee Farlow, Director of Residence, McNew joined the staff as the Assistant Director of Residence in fall of 1970.  

He remained as a Residence Life staff member until 1976, working as the Assistant Director of Residence from fall 1970 to June 1972, Associate Director of Residence from July 1972 to December 1973, and Director of Residence Programming from January 1974 to January 1976.  

As of January of 1976, McNew became the Assistant Vice-President of Student Services. He would serve in this position until October of 1981.  

In October of 1981 he became the Assistant Vice-President of Academic Services, eventually moving to work in enrollment, where he remained until retirement in 2012.  


Importance to Towson 

Due to the longevity of his career and variety of jobs held within the college, McNew helped implement and create a wide variety of programs and projects. 

    • Freshman peer advisor program (resident life) 
    • Services for disabled students (assistant vice-president of Student Services) 
    • Data analysis project that allowed for the reworking of admissions requirements that allowed for admission of additional minority students (admissions) 


written by Bethany Firebaugh, Unearthing Towson's History student researcher, Summer 2023. editted by SCUA staff, Fall 2023.