Charles Meigs

Charles Meigs

Charles Chard Meigs received a three-year diploma in 1935 and a B.S. in 1936 from the Maryland State Teacher’s College. During his time at the school, worked as the editor of the art and science department for the school newspaper The Tower Light. He went on to teach at a public school in Baltimore.  

Meigs entered the military service in May of 1941, during World War II. He graduated from the Columbus, Mississippi Army Air Forces Flying School in 1942. He then joined the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF), quickly rising through the ranks to become a Lieutenant, then a Captain. He was stationed in England, Africa, and South America, where he spent most of his service in a Brazilian airfield at Natal as an Air Transport Command Pilot and the Engineering Officer of his Squadron. 

His passion for mechanics helped him manage a mechanics school where he published training manuals and taught Portuguese. He sent over 600 color photographs, magazines, Brazilian children’s books, and Brazilian copies of the Reader’s Digest to the Curriculum Laboratory at Towson. When Meigs was sent to Romulus, Michigan, he helped with the Air Evacuation of Hospital Patients. He took injured soldiers to hospitals in large cities throughout the country, in addition to cargo.  

In 1946, after the war was officially over, he moved back home to Baltimore, Maryland where he married Margaret Bower. 

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