Milton "Eugene" Spurrier

Milton "Eugene" Spurrier


On August 30th, 1949, Milton ‘Eugene’ Spurrier, a blind applicant to the Maryland State Teachers College at Towson (MTC), had his application approved by The State Board of Education. During his time at MTC, Spurrier was on the wrestling team, a member of the Men’s Chorus, and Kappa Delta Pi. He graduated with a B.S. in 1953 specializing in Junior High.  

At the time of Spurrier's admission, MTC had a policy in place that prevented the entry of disabled students to the school. The teachers program had a physical education and physical examination requirement. Any student that was seen as unable to meet these requirements was denied entry to the institution. 

Spurrier was granted special admission to the college due to the recommendation of the State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Thomas G. Pullen (Jr.). His course load was modified to remove physical elements that he could not complete due to his disability.  

The admission of Spurrier represents the first recorded instance of TU providing accommodation for disabilities.


written by Bethany Firebaugh, Unearthing Towson's History student researcher, Summer 2023. edited by SCUA staff, Fall 2023.