Tiger Mascot

For the first 69 years of it's history, Towson sported various mascots, including the teachers, knights, profs, and the Gold & White. In 1960, students launch a two-year campaign to reconize the Tiger as the official school mascot by writing letters into the Tower Light student newspaper.  In November of 1962, the Student Senate finally voted for the Tiger to become the official school mascot.

During the 1963 Homecoming parade "Mr. Tiger" as he was then known made his first appearance. Lou Winkelman, one of the tiger’s staunch advocates, rented a tiger costume to wear in the parade. Towson has been the home of the Tigers ever since.

In 2003, when the former Minnegan stadium was reopened as  Johnny Unitas Stadium, a new version of the Tiger mascot was part of the festivities. Our current tiger is named after the stadium's original namesake, Donald "Doc" Minnegan, former athletics director and sports coach, who established many of Towson's sports programs during his 45 years at the school.

written by Felicity Knox, archives associate, Spring 2022.