Smith Hall

Smith Hall

Constructed: 1965

Addition and Renovation: 1976

Second Renovation: 2022

Located between The Glen and the Avenue of Learning, Smith Hall was completed in 1965 as the home for the physical and natural sciences departments. Named for George LaTour Smith, who served on the faculty of the Maryland State Normal School from 1875 to 1892, Smith Hall has historically housed the College of Science and Mathematics, the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, and the Environmental Science and Studies program. The five-story building was designed with laboratory facilities, planetarium, observatory, and greenhouses.

In 2021, the Science Complex building opened, relocating many of the academic programs previously hosted in Smith Hall. Renovations are currently planned that will make space for the Department of Electronic Media and Film, the Communication Studies, and the Mass Communication programs. Plans include a sound stage, a VR animation space, newsroom and screening theatre.

written by Allison Fischbach, research and archives associate, Spring 2022.