Burdick Hall

Burdick Hall

Constructed: 1968   

Renovated: 2018 

Located at the corner of Towsontown Boulevard and Union Avenue, Burdick Hall was dedicated on November 2, 1968, in honor of Dr. William H. Burdick. 

Originally designed as a Health and Physical Education building, it historically held the College of Health Professions, and Health Sciences Department, the Nursing Department, the Department of Dance, and the Recreational Sports Department. It was also used as a gathering venue for campus events, including concerts and rallies. Today the north end of the building hosts classrooms, labs, and offices for the Department of Kineseology.  

The south end of the building underwent major expansion and renovation in 2018 to become Campus Recreation Services. At 235,000 square feet, the renovated facility hosts multiple gymnasiums, fitness studios, exercise and weight training facilities, an indoor swimming pool, a functional training area, a sprint hill, a challange course, and the Peregrine’s Nest climbing wall.

written by Allison Fischbach, research and archives associate, Spring 2022.