Ideations of Potential

Shodekeh's Innovation Lab of Embodied Scholarship & Hip Hop Imagination


Dominic Shodekeh Talifero is a Baltimore-based beatboxer, vocal percussionist, and breath artist. He brings his musical passions to the materials in the Ideations of Potential collection. This is the first hip-hop based collection to enter Towson University's Special Collections, the first in the University of Maryland system, and the first in the State of Maryland. It is also the first living archive of a professional beatboxer anywhere in the world. With the culture of Hip Hop entering it's 50th year in 2023, the timing of such an collection couldn't be more in tune with Hip Hop's current state of evolution.


You can read more about Shodekeh's career and contributions as Towson Univeristy's COFAC Innovator-in-Residence in the recent article, Sharing his voice.


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